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Building and Installing QuakeForge

This is our new development tree (we're back to "quakeforge"), where we're again in the process of merging Quake and QuakeWorld ...

but this time, it's much better. :), and will eventually provide the 0.6 versions of QuakeForge.

While almost always in working order, it's under heavy development so be prepared to encounter some issues (Wear your hard hat!). Please check the docs.

UNIX users: because of the diversity of machines on which QuakeForge runs , we do not provide UNIX binaries. You need to compile QuakeForge yourself, however QuakeForge is very easy to compile once you have the necessary packages installed.

Required Packages

The following packages are required to build QuakeForge:

  • GNU autoconf 2.50 or later
  • GNU automake 1.6 or later
  • GNU libtool 1.4 or later
  • GNU bison 2.6 or later
  • GNU flex
  • GNU make (BSD make doesn't like some constructs used)
  • C compiler and preprocessor (gcc and cpp recommended)
  • libsamplerate

Recommended Packages

The following are recommended:

  • git (highly recommended for staying up to date with current changes)
  • zlib devel (highly recommended for compressed file and download support)
  • curl (for http download support (QW Download Specification))
  • Ogg Vorbis libs (for compressed sound effects support)
  • X11 devel (for X11-based clients: software and OpenGL)
  • glide and mesa or other GL compatible lib
  • svgalib (for console-based clients: software and 3dfx)

Relevant Package Names

The following is the list of relevant package names in debian.

  • build-essential
  • autoconf
  • automake
  • libtool
  • flex
  • bison
  • git
  • libasound2-dev
  • libjack-dev
  • libsamplerate0-dev
  • libflac-dev
  • libogg-dev
  • libvorbis-dev
  • libpng12-dev
  • zlib1g-dev
  • libcurl4-openssl-dev (or libcurl4-gnutls-dev)
  • libncurses5-dev
  • libsdl1.2-dev
  • libsvga1-dev
  • libxext-dev
  • libxxf86dga-dev
  • libxxf86vm-dev

Build and Install Procedure

Basic process to build and install QuakeForge:

    make install

You may want to check ./configure –help and select options.

To build and install only the quakeworld server:

    ./configure --without-clients --without-tools --with-servers=qw
    make install

To build documentation (doxygen, graphviz, mscgen and transfig are required), in an already configured source tree:

    cd doc
    make doc

If the tree has not been configured and doing so is not desirable or possible, then the documentation may be configured separately:

    cd doc
    make doc

Then either point your webbrowser to doxygen/html/index.html, or copy/move doxygen/html to a webserver and point your browser to that. The documentation is currently grossly inadequate, but hopefully it is of some help.